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bernie sanders

A Bernie Sanders always runs
And fires his liberal ways and guns
At people who are rich – they’re few.
And Bernie’s good at counting, too.
He knows there are far more of “us”
Who think that taxing them’s a plus.
So if he spreads their wealth around
‘Twixt pollies and the “us” that’s down,
Why, there’s not many millionaires –
So of those fewer votes, who cares?
Not Bernie and the liberal crowd;
They buy the votes so they’re allowed
To rise to power, eat the cream,
And suck the life from our bloodstream
While lifelong pollies they remain
And nation, WE, writhes still in pain.
So Bernie counts the larger vote
While knowing that the “us” won’t note,
While knowing that the “us” can’t count
That those few millionaires about
Can’t possibly bear all the load
That Bernie promised on the road.
If he’s elected, then we’ll see
That Bernie promised lyingly,
Or Bernie gives and follows through
But also taxes me and you!




© Dennis Allen Lange, 2020.

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They’re saying that Bloomberg is lacking
In stature, his shortness attacking.
But better short man
Than shortness of plan
For that, we should all send him packing.


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2020.

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State of the Union

As of today, impeachment now is PAST! –
One party vows that it will carry on.
One party vows that it will make it last.
As of today, impeachment now is past?
So it is certain how the die is cast.
Or maybe not. I hear the nation groan.
As of today, impeachment must be past.
Both parties vow that they will carry on.


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2020.

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Political! Impeach him, they’re saying
Including four senators staying
To vote to remove
The one they reprove,
Against whom they’re running and naying.

Hypocrisy much? More than a mere touch.
For Dems, though, their politics is such.
For three years they plotted,
By their hate besotted.
Their anger at losing remains much.


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2020.


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I see them – MLK – and think of milk.
Smooth chocolate, that is, and tongue that’s silk.


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2020.

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The Brown Shirts, the Klu Klux – both losers,
And so is Antifa, the bruisers.
They’re wearing a hood;
They’re up to no good.
The Left is for those thugs excusers.


photo by Carptrash – I, Einar Kvaran, took the picturePreviously published: none, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=80084419


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2019.

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Kim Jong un

Kim rules as an evil harsh master
Which will, in the end, bring disaster.
His yes men must say,
“We’ll beat USA.”
And lies will flow bigger and faster.


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2019.


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I thank you, God: You heard Your servant’s prayer,
My earnest plea that You hold back Your wrath
Upon the wicked city You will tear
To pieces by the seam that makes its path

Across its rotten flesh and wicked heart,
Whose mouth declares that You approve its sin,
That You approve the unborn ripped apart,
That You approve that men would lie with men.

And when Your fury shakes their darkest day,
I’m praying now that sinful men will know
That hea’en above and trembling earth below
Agreed upon the devastating blow.

I am no longer praying for delay;
Perhaps their cup of wrath is full today.


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2019.

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There was a young lady who lived in a shoe;
She kept having children but knew what to do.
“I’ll kill them,” she said. “They’re better off dead.”
And she blamed all her murder on YOU.

She poisoned the first one; she killed it with salt.
Friends cheered for that woman; it wasn’t her fault.
Her boyfriend left her as soon as he knew –
“I got what I wanted. Now, lady, we’re through.”

The baby was burned and was red from the fire
But she didn’t see it and didn’t inquire.
She went on with living, no thought for the dead;           
The choice was hers, that’s what everyone said.

There was a young lady who lived in a shoe;
She charmed a new partner and bred number two.
I don’t want a child when I’m young and I’m single
I party a lot and I mix and I mingle.

She waited a while and she took a short hike
And found a good hit man to kill the new tyke.
They talked about killing, just how it’d be done.
They hit on dismemberment – that was the one!

My baby, my choice! was her battle cry
Let’s focus on that, and not that they die.
And while it was living, doc tore limb from limb
First arms, then the legs – that her or that him.

There was a young lady who lived in a shoe
She’d killed her two babies, but she wasn’t through
She’d made herself free to get on with her life
No babies would stop her, though single or wife

‘Cause she was a climber, as good as the men!
But then she got pregnant, not one blob but twin.
Oh, double the parasite, double the attack
She fell in a rage that her life was set back.

This time she’d try vacuum, yes that was the way!
She waited a bit until just the right day
And huge was the suction and tiny the tots
And when she was through there were small bloody spots.

Full half of the people thought she was just fine,
And helped her to murder repeating her line:
We can’t hold her back – SHE’S GOT LIVING TO DO!
Full half of them helped her, but what about you?

That wonderful lady who lived in a shoe
Decided that college was not for the few
Rights equal for women! On, up to the top!
Not one thing would hinder, not one thing would stop

Her living her life in her own special way
Except – she got pregnant. Which man? Couldn’t say.
She knew that, on her part, not one sacrifice!
The child that she carried would just pay the price.

And how would she get this new child off her back?
She settled this fourth time on a heart attack.
And so the death needle was plunged in its heart
Exploding the heart so the child would depart.

There are some young ladies who live in a shoe
And copulate freely – yes, that’s what they do.
Then faced with the consequence, they will not pay
But search for a hit man who will their child slay.

You think that barbaric? Then you would be right
Our nation has made this the unborn child’s plight.
MY body! MY choice! I’ll kill if I please!
And many are evil in greatest degrees.

But how about you? Is there left any good
That’s still in your heart to do what you should
To campaign forever ‘till this plague is o’er
And slaughter as Nazis is found here no more?


photo by Gabriella Fabbri at


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2019.

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Iran, are your brains even there?
Did you seize two ships on a dare?
We’d blow you away
Like wind blows the spray
Except that behind’s you a bear.


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2019.


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