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*See note below the poem after reading it.

2 We shall not fear though earth should shake and shift,
And though the mountains slide into the sea.
3 The waves may foam and stars, of sudden, drift,
5 But we shall dwell immoveable and free.

6 The kingdoms totter and the nations roar;
9 The bow and spear advance with chariots.
7 But we shall be secure forevermore,
E’en if we had no walls and lived in huts.

4 The city of God’s dwelling place is fed
By waters from His river flowing pure.
8 He rains just desolations on the head
Of sinful men, but makes our safety sure.

1 God is our refuge, strength, to whom we plead;
A very present help in time of need.


I’ve written all of Psalms and Proverbs in poetry that rhymes and has rhythm.  The book will be available at Amazon before Christmas.  If you’re interested (and have not already said so),  let me know in the comments.


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