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(sung to the tune of Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina)

Hillary: Don’t cry for me little liberals.
The truth is I’ve got my millions;
Hug tight your mommies
And be good commies.
I preached the dogma,
But I’m not sharing.

Bill: That’s a good one, Hillary! (laughing)

Hillary: Don’t cry for me, femi-Nazis.
We did crack the marble ceiling,
Pelosi’s ceiling,
Though I’ve a headache
For marble won’t break,
And Bill I can’t take.

Bill: What was that?  What did she just say?

Hillary: Don’t cry for me, foreign donors.
Your gamble was Trumped in November.
I’ve got your money
And you’ve got nothing.
I think it’s funny.
We’ve got your money.   (Bill sings, too, then laughs)

Hillary: Don’t cry for me, Lord Obama.
Cry for yourself, you loser.
Stomp, curse, and shed tears
For all your eight years,
Both of your two terms
Stamped out like bad germs.

Bill: There goes his legacy.

Hillary: Don’t cry for me, California.


In case you’re not familiar with the song (which I think is one of
the most beautiful of songs), you can hear it here.  The part for
my song poem starts about 2:14 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PWO11ilSYc


photo by Marja Flick-Buijs at


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