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It seems that from the taller trees
Comes presidential timber.
Israel’s first king stood out –
‘Twas Saul, if you remember.

There’s been a run of six foot men
This nation has elected.
If we cannot look up to some,
Those are the ones rejected.

It seems that female chances, then,
Of winning are quite narrow
Since few of them are ostrich tall
And closer to a sparrow.

And same for that short fellow who
Has/spends a lot of money.
If he wore elevator shoes,
His outcome might be sunny.

He might as well go home, recline,
Light cigars with his dollars.
He has to come up taller than
The tall ones’ necks and collars.

As each aspirant’s views are scanned,
Subconsciously we measure
How far into the clouds he stands
To find a redwood treasure.

So looking up to candidates
Is double in its senses.
To come up short in either one
Has highest consequences.


Mike Bloomberg 5’8″
Elizabeth Warren 5’8″
Bernie Sanders 6’0″
Joe Biden 6’0″
Donald Trump 6’3″

King Saul of Israel – “he was taller than any of the people
from his shoulders upward” (I Sam.10:23)


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2020.


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bernie sanders

A Bernie Sanders always runs
And fires his liberal ways and guns
At people who are rich – they’re few.
And Bernie’s good at counting, too.
He knows there are far more of “us”
Who think that taxing them’s a plus.
So if he spreads their wealth around
‘Twixt pollies and the “us” that’s down,
Why, there’s not many millionaires –
So of those fewer votes, who cares?
Not Bernie and the liberal crowd;
They buy the votes so they’re allowed
To rise to power, eat the cream,
And suck the life from our bloodstream
While lifelong pollies they remain
And nation, WE, writhes still in pain.
So Bernie counts the larger vote
While knowing that the “us” won’t note,
While knowing that the “us” can’t count
That those few millionaires about
Can’t possibly bear all the load
That Bernie promised on the road.
If he’s elected, then we’ll see
That Bernie promised lyingly,
Or Bernie gives and follows through
But also taxes me and you!




© Dennis Allen Lange, 2020.

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Political! Impeach him, they’re saying
Including four senators staying
To vote to remove
The one they reprove,
Against whom they’re running and naying.

Hypocrisy much? More than a mere touch.
For Dems, though, their politics is such.
For three years they plotted,
By their hate besotted.
Their anger at losing remains much.


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2020.


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election 2020

You say you don’t like any candidate? –
Bemoan the nation and bewail its fate?
Then look no further than our blackened soul,
For snow’s not found in all the caves of coal.


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2019.

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