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bernie sanders

A Bernie Sanders always runs
And fires his liberal ways and guns
At people who are rich – they’re few.
And Bernie’s good at counting, too.
He knows there are far more of “us”
Who think that taxing them’s a plus.
So if he spreads their wealth around
‘Twixt pollies and the “us” that’s down,
Why, there’s not many millionaires –
So of those fewer votes, who cares?
Not Bernie and the liberal crowd;
They buy the votes so they’re allowed
To rise to power, eat the cream,
And suck the life from our bloodstream
While lifelong pollies they remain
And nation, WE, writhes still in pain.
So Bernie counts the larger vote
While knowing that the “us” won’t note,
While knowing that the “us” can’t count
That those few millionaires about
Can’t possibly bear all the load
That Bernie promised on the road.
If he’s elected, then we’ll see
That Bernie promised lyingly,
Or Bernie gives and follows through
But also taxes me and you!




© Dennis Allen Lange, 2020.


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