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They followed Him by thousands when he took some fish and bread
And a banquet in the desert by His miracle was spread.
They sang aloud, “Hosanna!” and they shouted, “Praise His name!”
When in an hour of glory to Jerusalem He came.
They followed when He told them of a kingdom and a throne,
But when He went to Calvary, He went there all alone.

It seems that many people still would follow Him today
If He only went to places where everything was gay.
For the kingdom that they’re seeking isn’t one the world scorns.
And the crown of which they’re singing isn’t one that’s made of thorns.
Oh, they’ll follow for the fishes over land and over sea,
And they’ll join the church at Zion, but not at Calvary.

It’s so easy, friends, to follow when the nets are full of fish,
When the loaves are spread before you and you’re eating all you wish.
When no lands, nor lots, nor houses and no friendships are at stake,
When there’s no mob to mock you and you have no cross to take.
But you’ll need some faith to follow down through Gethsemane,
And you’ll need some love to follow up to Calvary!


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Ruins at Philippi.

Ruins at Philippi. (Photo credit: Peter Nelson via Wikipedia)

          Nails And Bars

When Paul and Silas sang in jail
In ancient Philippi,
Felt sting of lashes freshly gi’en,
And blood was barely dry.

And still the joyful hearts did sing,
And all the pris’ners heard;
And jailer, passing by, took note,
Without a single word.

They sang in jails because the nails
That pierced the Son of God
Were greater than the lash or bars
And all else on earth’s sod.

When earthquake struck in Philippi,
The Christians did not flee.
One earlier at Calvary
Had set the sinners free.

Then jailer wond’ring at the turn
And like a pris’ner chained
To Roman law and earthly flesh,
Saw freedom and was pained

To know that he, beyond the bars,
Was bound as one can be
By broken law, by sin’s dark claw,
Something the eye can’t see.

What must I do, to be like you
To be soul saved, set free,
That I might sing instead of sob,
And not so hopeless be?

And so that night, they spoke good news,
The balm of Gilead,
The salve that saves the worst of men –
The jailed set free and glad.


***Acts 16:16-34


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2012.


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