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I ate my way through Texas
   One Christmas season past.
All it took was an appetite,
   And driving hard and fast. 

I breakfasted in Corpus;
   Ate lunch in San Antone;
Had peachy cream in Fredericksburg,
   The biggest ice cream cone. 

I darted up to Llano,
   And ate some barbeque.
I still felt rather perky
   As I drank some Mountain Dew. 

I snacked a bit in Abilene;
   In Snyder, I ate steak.
I passed on a second piece of pie –
   ‘Twas all that I could take. 

In Post, I drove through the Dairy Queen,
   Had a burger and some fries.
I began to see a line of food
   Rise in me to my eyes. 

In Amarillo, I chug-a-lugged
   Three liters of some coke.
I think it was the salty fries
   That made me a thirsty bloke. 

The Oklahoma border was
   Then not too far away.
And I was glad, for my stomach had had
   A fairly busy day. 

My car was tired; I’d driven far –
   Nigh seven hundred miles.
But I found a place, bought a root beer float
   And I was full of smiles. 

I had them fix a gallon
   Which I drank till Perryton.
And I paused to rest, with a sudden pain –
   Well… – there was more than one. 

I stood outside my resting car;
   Then faced toward Lubbock – south.
And all of a sudden I let a belch
   That blew off half my mouth. 

And I watched in awe at the wind I saw
   That blew down ‘cross the plain
And kicked up the dust and the tumbleweeds
   Worse than a hurricane. 

They said it turned the day to night
   The dust storm was so bad.
And the boom of the belch was an atom bomb
   (They thought, from Stalingrad). 

They had it rough, but the belch was enough
    To change me and my mood
I hit the border of Oklahoma
    In search of a little food.


The route in the poem is from the Texas Gulf Coast
north through the Panhandle of Texas to the Panhandle
of Oklahoma, and is about 700 miles.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2014.


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The Best Time Of The Year

(sent in Christmas cards 2011)

From family to family,
Our Yule traditions may
Be varied as the difference
Twixt hummingbird and jay.

And yet we find this festive air
With every step we take –
The sights, the sounds, the merriness,
As pies and cookies bake.

Why do we do the extra work,
And hustle here and there,
To decorate, to buy the gifts,
The stockings fill with care?

It started with the Christmas that’s
The first we can recall,
When as a youth we could not sleep
On Christmas Eve at all.

Like ships within an ocean’s storm
We tossed and turned all night
Filled with the thoughts of Christmas morn
That’d come with dawn’s first light.

At last we slept and then we woke
Our eyes wide, full of shine,
Like silver dollars from the mint,
Our guide to golden mine.

And off we rushed, with flying feet,
A bee-line to the tree;
And there, in awe, paused oh so brief,
And then – the jubilee.

As Peter Pans we never grew
Out of our Christmas joys,
Though we’ve moved past old Santa Claus
And childish gifts and toys.

And thus as adult boys and girls,
Our hearts still hold it dear
With thousand ways to celebrate
The best time of the year.


(photo by Billy Frank Alexander at http://www.rgbstock.com/photo/mVbsnr2/Christmas+4 )


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2012.

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