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A bump on the head caused confusion,
An inner and outer contusion.
The outer was minor,
Not more than a shiner.
The inner brought life to conclusion.


We worry about broken bones from falls and the bruises we can
see, but it is what we cannot see that may prove to be the worst.


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2019.


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Dear Father, look up,
Away from the cup,
And tell me what aileth ma’s forehead.
It’s all black and blue;
O, what could she do
To cause a contusion so horrid? 

“Your mother, Jane Ann,
A newspaper man
Admired, till I warn’d her she’d catch it;
Like Washington, I
Cannot tell a lie –
I did it with my little hatchet.”


In view of the releasing of the video of NFL
star Ray Rice hitting his girlfriend in an
elevator and knocking her out, I thought
this poem was appropriate.  The video is
graphic in its violence:



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