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I saw you crawl before you e’er saw me;
You were a black spot on my green grass sea.
And I admit that cold ran down my spine
Like cooling sweat runs down a hurried line.
But you must say that you were startled, too.
For as I came across the morning dew,
You raised two legs to frighten me away
Like horses rear, and at the blue sky flay.
To you, Goliath did seem ominous,
And so you quickly raised your fearsome fuss.
Unlike those horses pawing at the air,
You paused because you had six legs to spare.
And now we face each other.  It’s a draw,
With me deliberating; you in awe.

You pose a problem for me, I confess.
You are no threat, but I can curse or bless.
The answer I suppose is in your eight
Black hairy scary legs that stand and wait.
I do not want you at my door some night
So that I’m startled with another fright.
But more than my male ego and my fear
Is the concern of females living here
O’er ev’ry creepy crawly spider thing,
O’er any critter that may bite or sting.
But I assure you that they’re yet to know
That you so near to them this morning go.
And that is my dilemma presently:
Should I blot out a problem that I see
That poses no real problem now for me
But merely has a dark capacity?

So why not this – a deal twixt spider, man,
That you crawl off as quick as eight legs can?

You moved! and now your two raised legs are down.
And on your eight-eyed forehead there’s no frown.
I’ll take that for your answer.  Off you go!
My lips are sealed.  I won’t let others know.


photo is by Phil Edon at


© Dennis Allen Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2017.


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