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She perches on a little limb;
Her nurtured nest still near.
Her world was big enough, but now
It opens to a fear.

Her still-protected cluttered life
Has reached an edge, a change
And all she’s known surrounds her, close,
And all ahead is strange.

Her life was land; will now be sea –
Each step was with a guide.
But now the waves will roll and foam –
The ocean’s deep and wide!

The nest and little limb’s to launch
Her to the great expanse.
And there, for all, lies life’s large test,
Its danger and romance.

To fall in love, or plan, succeed,
Is ev’ry sailor’s dream.
But when alone one falls from heights,
A failure seems supreme.

The ocean is a vast unknown;
Its surface seems so calm.
But somewhere swim the sharks that feed
And storms that shake the palm.

Beyond horizon, one may lurk –
The other, past a wave.
And somewhere on the open sea
There is a waiting grave.

She perches on the little limb
And peers out to the sea.
What’s hiding there?  What waits beyond?
What wind, and what degree?

But treasure’s there, and pleasure’s there,
Life’s riches to take hold.
There’s danger for the careless ones;
Adventure for the bold.

Now, little bird on little limb,
Your nest will testify
You’re strong, prepared; time for the brave –
God gave you wings, so fly!


photo by Miguel Saavedra at


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2015.


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