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      The Old Apartments 

Old boxes lined up in a row,
   The homes some could not buy,
Are full of tears as they come down,
   Like rents that rip the sky. 

What were their lives, what were their dreams?
   The walls were witness then
Of loves and hates, of gains and loss –
   O’ give the wood a pen! 

But silent they, a skeleton,
   The walls quite bare, forlorn,
Assaulted by the wrecking crew,
   Their outer garments shorn. 

Their eyes are out; they cannot see,
   Though once they lit with life
That flickered when the sun went down
   Through panes, some pain and strife. 

The workers will be finished soon;
    Like time, they also raze.
And then the building, like all men,
   Will come to end of days.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2013.



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