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Arlington National Cemetery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Memorial Day

On this day and on all others,
   With a sense of legacy,
Know your freedom’s bought, our brothers –
   Keep in mind our memory. 

Teach your children what we’ve suffered;
   Tell your tots the price we paid;
Let them know that lives were offered
   So they learn how freedom’s weighed. 

Pass it to the next begetting,
   Like an heirloom handed down,
So there’s no one that’s forgetting;
   Keep it green, not dried and brown. 

Let them know we died in trenches;
   Tell them graves are ‘neath the sea;
E’en in the air, we felt death’s pinches;
   Our last words – pained poetry. 

In the flag, our blood stains ripple,
   Highest cost for liberty.
Drench the youth or daily stipple
   With the paint of history. 

Tell your children of our treasure:
   Wives and babies left behind –
acrifice that’s without measure;
   Depth of heartache undefined. 

Dead in graves aren’t all that’s buried
   Widows, orphans shattered, too;
Joy and peace to Hades ferried
   Left? A lifetime full of rue. 

That we did for precious freedom,
   Knowing cost before we went.
Never treat us like a wee crumb,
   Like a worthless copper cent. 

Ring the bell throughout the ages;
   Tell our tale, how freedom’s bought.
Let our stories fill the pages;
   We ask no more than what we ought.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2013.


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