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At Half past Three, a single Bird
Unto a silent Sky
Propounded but a single term
Of cautious melody. 

At Half past Four, Experiment
Had subjugated test
And lo, Her silver Principle
Supplanted all the rest. 

At Half past Seven, Element
Nor Implement, be seen –
And Place was where the Presence was
Circumference between.



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The Way I read a Letter’s – this –
‘Tis first – I lock the Door –
And push it with my fingers – next –
For transport it be sure – 

And then I go the furthest off
To counteract a knock –
Then draw my little Letter forth
And slowly pick the lock – 

Then – glancing narrow, at the Wall –
And narrow at the floor
For firm Conviction of a Mouse
Not exorcised before – 

Peruse how infinite I am
To no one that You – know –
And sigh for lack of Heaven – but not
The Heaven God bestow –


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The Brain – is wider than the Sky –
For – put them side by side –
The one the other will contain
With ease – and You – beside – 

The Brain is deeper than the sea –
For – hold them – Blue to Blue –
The one the other will absorb –
As Sponges – Buckets – do – 

The Brain is just the weight of God –
For – Heft them – Pound for Pound –
And they will differ – if they do –
As Syllable from Sound –


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Emily D

Oh to be sweet Emily,
One of the greatest ever!
There’s none who had her way with words –
So crown her the most clever.

Her poems are puzzles, intricate,
And pieces fit so neatly.
Precise she was in picking words;
She knew them so completely.

She knew her subject, knew of life,
With metaphor to match it.
If poet bug is what she had,
The rest hope we can catch it.


* Emily Dickinson


© Dennis Allen Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2017.

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Good night! Which put the Candle out?
A jealous Zephyr – not a doubt –
Ah, friend, you little knew
How long at that celestial wick
The Angels – labored diligent –
Extinguished – now – for you!

It might – have been the Light House spark –
Some Sailor – rowing in the Dark –
Had importuned to see!
It might – have been the waning lamp
That lit the Drummer from the Camp
To purer Reveille!

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She slept beneath a tree –
Remembered but by me.
I touched her Cradle mute –
She recognized the foot –
Put on her carmine suit
And see!


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The Missing All – prevented Me
From missing minor Things.
If nothing larger than a World’s
Departure from a Hinge –
Or Sun’s extinction, be observed –
‘Twas not so large that I
Could lift my Forehead from my work
For Curiosity.

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You’ve seen Balloons set – Haven’t You?
So stately they ascend –
It is as Swans – discarded You,
For Duties Diamond – 

Their Liquid Feet go softly out
Upon a Sea of Blonde –
They spurn the Air as ’twere too mean
For Creatures so renowned – 

Their Ribbons just beyond the eye –
They struggle – some – for Breath –
And yet the Crowd applaud, below –
They would not encore – Death – 

The Gilded Creature strains – and spins –
Trips frantic in a Tree –
Tears open her imperial Veins –
And tumbles in the Sea – 

The crowd – retire with an Oath –
The Dust in Streets – go down –
And Clerks in Counting Rooms
Observe – “‘Twas only a Balloon” –


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The Heart asks Pleasure – first –
And then – Excuse from Pain –
And then – those little Anodynes
That deaden suffering –

And then – to go to sleep –
And then – if it should be
The will of its Inquisitor
The privilege to die –


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Except the Heaven had come so near –
So seemed to choose My Door –
The Distance would not haunt me so –
I had not hoped – before –

But just to hear the Grace depart –
I never thought to see –
Afflicts me with a Double loss –
‘Tis lost – And lost to me –

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