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When recognition fin’lly comes
For one who sleeps the Sleep,
He receives it not at all,
And honors cannot keep. 

It is a rain that falls upon
A dead crop in the field
That gave its life in vain in wait
Until its fate was sealed. 

Give honor when the honor’s due;
Let praises fall like rain,
And hold it not till eulogy
Plows under shriveled grain.


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© Dennis Allen Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2018.



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.As You Live Is As You Die

To hear a fun’ral service done –
How praised is the departed one –
You’d think this earth had never held
A devil, and none ever dwelled
Here in the form of mortal men,
And all were free of any sin.

For burial, the body’s cleaned;
So, too, the nastiness is gleaned
By relatives and saddened friends
And through the washer’s many spins,
Till reputation’s made so pure,
You’d never know ‘twas once manure.

It seems that some confusion reigns
Within our sad heart-broken brains.
So when someone has bought the farm,
We think there’s been a great reform.
Death means you are not here (you ain’t)) –
Not that you’re suddenly a saint.

So Death gets more than it is due
By those whose lives have been made blue.
When sickle swings that final day,
Death cannot carve all sins away.
Instead, Death comes with lock and key
And seals the logs eternally.

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On The Death Of Dr. Robert Levet

Condemn’d to hope’s delusive mine,
   As on we toil from day to day,
By sudden blasts, or slow decline,
   Our social comforts drop away. 

Well tried through many a varying year,
   See LEVET to the grave descend;
Officious, innocent, sincere,
   Of ev’ry friendless name the friend. 

Ye still he fills affection’s eye,
   Obscurely wise, and coarsely kind;
Nor, letter’d arrogance, deny
   Thy praise to merit unrefin’d. 

When fainting nature call’d for aid,
   And hov’ring death prepar’d the blow,
His vig’rous remedy display’d
   The power of art without the show. 

In misery’s darkest caverns known,
   His useful care was ever nigh,
Where hopeless anguish pour’d his groan,
   And lonely want retir’d to die. 

No summons mock’d by chill delay,
   No petty gain disdain’d by pride,
The modest wants of ev’ry day
   The toil of ev’ry day supplied. 

His virtues walk’d their narrow round,
   Nor made a pause, nor left a void;
And sure th’ Eternal Master found
   The single talent well employ’d. 

The busy day, the peaceful night,
   Unfelt, uncounted, glided by;
His frame was firm, his powers were bright,
   Tho’ now his eightieth year was nigh. 

Then with no throbbing fiery pain,
   No cold gradations of decay,
Death broke at once the vital chain,
   And free’d his soul the nearest way.



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Steve Jobs shows off iPhone 4 at the 2010 Worl...

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(Photo Credit: Matthew Yohe)


…………………Steve Jobs
……(Feb.24, 1955 – Oct.5, 2011)

No answer: pancreatic cancer robs
This day the world, of genius, Steve Jobs,
Innovator, cap’talist, like mobs
Protested there on Wall Street (commie fobs).

The apple’s knowledge swallowed by Steve Jobs
Gave birth to Apple in a small garage.
To wit: the world of tech pulses and throbs,
Free enterprise, not law, creating jobs.

His sudden loss from the grenade Death lobs
Gives pause to all for sadness, some for sobs.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2011.



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