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Ere God had built the mountains,
Or raised the fruitful hills;
Before he filled the fountains
That feed the running rills;
In me, from everlasting,
The wonderful I AM,
Found pleasures never-wasting,
And Wisdom is my name.

When, like a tent to dwell in,
He spread the skies abroad,
And swathed about the swelling
Of Ocean’s mighty flood;
He wrought by weight and measure,
And I was with him then:
Myself the Father’s pleasure,
And mine, the sons of men.

Thus Wisdom’s words discover
Thy glory and thy grace,
Thou everlasting lover
Of our unworthy race!
Thy gracious eye surveyed us
Ere stars were seen above;
In wisdom thou hast made us,
And died for us in love.

And couldst thou be delighted
With creatures such as we,
Who, when we saw thee, slighted
And nailed thee to a tree?
Unfathomable wonder,
And mystery divine!
The voice that speaks in thunder,
Says, “Sinner, I am thine!”

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In the land of never ending,
In the country far away,
There are loved ones who are waiting
For the end of night and day.

In the land of ever always,
Where the river never dries,
The night and day were never there,
Just everlasting skies.

In the land where all’s forever,
The night will never come.
So candles are as needed as
A hiker’s begging thumb.

In the land that is eternal,
Where the Son’s the only sun,
It’s our turn that they’re waiting,
Since theirs is now begun.

Their joy full, for ours they wait –
The end of night and day,
In the land of never ending,
In the country far away.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2011.

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