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In futbol (soccer to us Yanks) –
When World Cup is the rage –
It is the greatest sport of all,
Upon the greatest stage.

The greatest players, greatest teams,
The lesser sifted out –
We watch as though a goldfish bowl,
And world is circled ‘bout.

The close-ups of the camera,
The replays o’er and o’er,
And varied angles give us looks
Of gills and fins and more.

We see the Greatest lie by flops,
And fake an injury,
How even Greatest cheat to win
Than by mere pedigree.

And all that’s done before our eyes
Without an ounce of shame.
It’s just the way all goldfish swim,
And play their fish-smell game.

And we, the world, with watching eyes
See darkness in the bowl.
We shake our heads in wonder at
The selling of the soul.

And when the bowl and ball is gone,
The fish back to the sea,
The world turns to its way of life
In World Cup mimicry.

From least to Greatest in the sea,
All play the fish-smell game.
And fakes and cheating is the way
To fortune, flesh, or fame.

And God, the All, with watching eyes,
Sees darkness in the bowl.
And shakes His head in anger at
The selling of the soul.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2014.


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