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On Friday, cars were parked along the road.
The next day saw their silent numbers swell,
Drawn there as if they’d heard the black bird’d crowed,
Pulled by the pealing of a solemn bell. 

That Sunday was the same, but Monday more.
They filled the drive, parked curb-side by the house.
The street was narrowed by that swelling shore
Which forced a car to creep by like a mouse. 

By then, I knew what I had not been told,
The dreadful news for family and friend –
That Winter’s wind had blown, and growing cold
Was some soul who’d been sick but could not mend. 

Days later, I passed by; the cars were gone.
The mystery was solved for I could see
The novice widow walking on her lawn
With only her small dog as company.

He’d built my house and now he is no more.
My house still stands; ‘tis he in disrepair.
We mortals, not the mortar, go before.
We each will leave our all to Earth, our heir.


photo by Guenter M. Kirchweger at


© Dennis Allen Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2017.


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The shades are drawn; the light is pale
Upon the yellow wall.
The blades above on ceiling fans
In a tight circle crawl.

Three couples at a table sit,
Close friends like ancient tomes
That have a common history,
And share a common home.

Another place – two grands with kids
Too young to be in class,
Are there to make a memory
That school cannot surpass.

Another table’s strange to me –
Two young girls sit with phones.
Together, they are separate,
Not in each other’s zones.

A single woman sits alone
Like me with my own thought.
I wonder if her money brings
The joy that mine has brought.

The clatter of the cutlery,
The chatter o’er the meal,
The pleasantness of food and drink –
All told, the moment seal.

And I, the bard, am struck by this
That people come to eat,
And oft the food that’s on their plates
Is not the greatest treat.

But in their sharing of their food
And sharing of their time,
They give themselves to those they love
In meals that are sublime.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2016.

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