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Thou dread, uncanny thing,
With fuzzy breast and leathern wing,
In mad, zigzagging flight,
Notching the dusk, and buffeting
The black cheeks of the night,
……With grim delight!

What witch’s hand unhasps
Thy keen claw-cornered wings
From under the barn roof, and flings
Thee forth, with chattering gasps,
……To scud the air,
And nip the ladybug, and tear
Her children’s hearts out unaware?

The glowworm’s glimmer, and the bright,
Sad pulsings of the firefly’s light,
Are banquet lights to thee.
O less than bird, and worse than beast,
Thou Devil’s self, or brat, at least,
Grate not they teeth at me!


photo by Bartek Ambrozik at

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           The Star Of The Night

A cloudy curtain’s drawn across the skies,
As thin as veil that hides a maiden’s eyes;
A milky cataract that dims the sight
Not of the moon, but mine into the night. 

That gown of gossamer lessens the glow
That moon and Milky Way will most nights show.
And blacker is the blackness now by far
So passing firefly is its brightest star.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2013.

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