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….Things, And Other Things

I sailed the seas once, years ago,
And fond my memories
Of how the wind whipped up the waves,
Of tropic isles and trees.

But I’ll not ride the troubled brine
To-ward another shore.
Some things are only in the past;
Closed is that distant door.

I ran the court long years ago;
My legs were young and lean.
I took great pleasure in the score,
And in the striving keen.

But I’ll not pass the ball again,
Or hear the hailing throng
That murmured only in my mind:
My step and spring’s not strong.

I set my cap and courted once;
A season long ago.
The fireplace coals have cooled to ash,
And melted is the snow.

And like the water turns the wheel
Then rushes to the sea,
Romance ran wildly in my youth
Into tranquility.

I pause some days and sit a while
Remembering what’s through.
I give a sigh.  As sun I rise –
There’s so much else to do.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2014.

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