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Northern Toll Road

(Photo credit: Mr Munnings on Tour)

              Toll Road

A letter came the other day,
   A most official note.
It was demanding in its way
   (We’ll take you by the throat!). 

You drove upon our road, it said,
   And so we tolled you so.
And since this bill you now have read
   We now have told you so. 

So cough up quickly!  Hear us now!
   This dun won’t go away.
Ours is a very threatening vow:
   You surely have to pay. 

I mulled it over thoroughly
   As tongues will probe a tooth.
And came, at last, it seems to me,
   To an important truth. 

I’ve liked the free way all my days
   And that’s the way I go.
Toll man – I’ll find some other ways.
   And now, I’ve told you so.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2013.


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