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1 The heavens are telling the glory of God;
   They speak of the work of His hand.
2 They daily are pouring forth knowledge of Him,
   And night after night tell the lands.
3 Their voice is muted, and soundless their words,
4   But gone has their line o’er the earth.
They utter the evidence that He exists,
   So no one can claim there’s a dearth.
The heavens He’s made as a tent for the sun,
5   Who out of his chamber he strides,
With glory like that of the bridegrooms who come,
   Awaited by their joyous brides.
A strong man, rejoicing to run his swift course,
6   It rises with fire in its feet,
Runs circuit in heaven from one end to next,
   And nothing can hide from its heat.

7 The Lord’s law is perfect, restoring the soul;
   The simple, by hearing, made wise.
8 His precepts are righteous, rejoicing the heart;
   His pure word enlightens the eyes.
The fear of Jehovah, enduring, is clean;
   The judgments He’s making are true.
10 They’re sweeter by far than the sweet honeycomb,
   More sparkling than gold or the dew.
11 Moreover, Your servant is cautioned by them,
   And keeping them brings great reward.
13 Your law is a wall that, surrounding, is high,
   The way of the nation to guard.
Discerning my errors, acquit me of faults,
   And keep sin from holding its sway.
Correct me and guide me so I give thanks for
   Transgressions forgiven this day.
14 May words from my mouth and my pondering heart
   Be pleasing, dear God, in Your sight.
For You’re my redeemer from darkness and sin,
   My rock and my refuge and light.



© Dennis Allen Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2018.


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…….The Unknown God

In Athens, Paul on Mars Hill stood,
  An ocean stirred by storm
That raged within his righteous soul
.   To call for their reform.

For he had walked the city streets,
  And seen an army there,
As mute as wood and stone can be –
.   Their idols ev’ry where.

Religious men, the Grecians were;
  They grew gods like the grain
That fills a golden field with heads
  Till numb’ring them is vain.

They had gods of both love and war,
  And gods of fire and light,
A god of travel, god of home,
  A god for help at night.

But what struck Paul strikes me as well –
.   An altar all alone,
As if it were a diff’rent thing,
.  One to a god unknown.

Since Paul knew Him they did not know,
.   He told them of the Christ,
And how He conquered death and grave
.   Post being sacrificed.

They sneered in scorn when they heard that –
.   A man raised from the dead!
Their minds were stuck on wood and stone
.   That can’t rise from a bed.

But He was there, among their gods,
.   A god of “just in case”,
A token, just an afterthought
  They granted bit of space.

Not much has changed upon the earth,
  Though gone are gods of stone.
The faith of Christ drove them away –
.   Jehovah stands alone.

But in the lives of most of men
  Who grant that He is God
They fill their city with all else,
.   And give Him just a nod.

He’s still an amulet, a charm
  As idols have the throne
That sits within the hearts of men,
.   And He? He’s still unknown.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2014

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