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……2014 NBA Champions

Few thought the Spurs would win at all –
The Heat shone like the sun,
Bright stars in their own galaxy
For third straight title run.

Yet win Spurs did, and win in five –
One loss by only two,
While rolling over Miami
Like day devours dew.

Each victory brought lavish praise,
An unabashed awe
Of how precise their ballet was,
How few the selfish flaw.

They cut; they passed; they slashed; they drove;
They stole the ball and ran.
They rained down threes, and now they reign,
The fifth time in their span.

Ginobili, Baynes, and Diaw,
And Belinelli, Green,
A Joseph, Ayres, and Splitter, too –
A basketball machine.

Add Parker, Duncan, Bonner, Mills,
And Leonard – MVP.
Their bench was deepest in the league
Like trenches in the sea.

With Popovich, the coaching crew,
And Buford, the exec,
They took unfinished business
And finished, marked the check.

The Rolex of pro basketball,
The Rolls of NBA –
The Spurs of San Antonio
Are champs another day!


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2014.


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