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You Highlands and you Lowlands.
Oh! where have you been?
They have slain the Earl of Murray,
And have laid him on the green.

Now woe be to thee, Huntly,
And wherefore did you sae?
I bade you bring him with you,
But forbad you him to slay.

He was a brave gallant,
And he rid at the ring;
And the bonnie Earl of Murray,
Oh! he might have been a king.

He was a brave gallant,
And he play’d at the ba’;
And the bonnie Earl of Murray
Was the flower among them a’.

He was a brave gallant,
And he play’d at the glove;
And the bonnie Earl of Murray,
Oh! he was the Queen’s love.

Oh! long will his lady
Look over the castle Down,
Ere she see the Earl of Murray
Come sounding through the town.


(I have changed some words, such as “hae” to “have”, etc.)


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Within a hundred yards of where
One left this earth’s abode,
And flowers mourn that cyclist’s death,
A sign says, “Share the road.”



© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2016.



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I passed the place four crosses mark
(I shook my head and sighed).
The flowers draped upon them live –
It was four youths that died.

The intersection is a grave
Where spirits, restless, roam
As they would do at any tomb
That keeps them from their home.

I felt one run across my mind
As I was passing through.
It was unsettled, churning foam,
And I was troubled, too.

An afternoon of frolic o’er,
Like fall when color’s passed,
The highlights of the day all gone;
The talk and laughter – last.

What happened as their curtain closed,
So they were crushed or flung?
What note was on their lips or heart,
The final song they sung?

The red eye glared; they did not see.
Was it a tale one told?
Or was it, “Would you look at that?”
Or something else fool’s gold?

Lives perch upon the precipice,
And men remain or fall
For causes of the greatest worth,
Or some not great at all.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2015.

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