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English: Postcard: Leap Year, 1908 Description...

            February 29

One year in four has extra day,
   A way of making one
From extra fourths Earth on its way
   Took going ’round the sun.

Catching up, all surely need,
   So here’s what I propose:
A day for all of no new deed,
   Just bring the old to close.

We all have fourths or fifths undone,
   A stack of things to do.
Let earthlings be like Earth this one
   Day, and be caught up too.

I’ve looked around; I’ve made my list
   Of old chores piled in heap;
And out of all things in my fist,
   I’ll catch up first – on sleep.


image through Wikipedia – a post card about Leap Year from 1908,
showing the Sadie Hawkins tradition of women getting to be the 
pursuers and the askers


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2012.



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