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As a fellow WordPress poet, I will support you by:

1. Reading your poetry whenever I can.  Part of my routine is to click on the WordPress page for poetry in my favorites bar. http://en.wordpress.com/tag/poetry/
I then begin reading what’s been posted.  If I like the poem at all, I click and go to the blog site and read it.  I go through 5 pages of the WordPress poetry posts whenever I can.  I’ve gone through 10 pages on numerous occasions.

2. When I read your poetry, I may enjoy the entire poem.  Or, I may only see one line or phrase I like.  But, I’m looking for something so I can press “like” when I’ve finished.

3. When I read your poem and like it, I will leave a comment when I have time and feel that I have something to say.

4. When your poetry is my kind of poetry (you write what I like), I will subscribe to your blog.

5. When I’ve subscribed to your blog, I will read each poem for which I receive notification.  And, even if the entire poem should show up within the email, I will click on the link to give your blog a hit.

6. Occasionally, I will go to a blog site I like and look through your archives, hoping to find poems I’ve not yet read that I will enjoy.

7. When I read one of your poems for the first time and like it, I will reread it to enjoy it a second time, and will almost always catch more of your meaning and poetic talent by doing that.

8. I will make notes of poems I think are excellent and will revisit your blog to reread them, just as one loves a song and listens to it or sings it over and over again.

P.S. I hope you will give others the same support that I pledge to you.

Dennis Lange, the bard on the hill

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