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All those who journey, soon or late,
Must pass within the garden’s gate;
Must kneel alone in darkness there,
And battle with some fierce despair.
God pity those who cannot say:
“Not mine but thine”; who only pray:
“Let this cup pass,” and cannot see
The purpose in Gethsemane.



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The minor leaguers play for wealth and fame
Or just for pleasure on their daily plate,
Or anything to carry on their name
In hamlets small, or cities that are great.

Ambition is the wind that fills their sail
And drives them toward the only port they see,
Which may not measure much upon a scale –
But forward without knowing, blissfully!

Though some succeed and gain the greater stage
Most toil on in obscurity to fail,
A rueful fact they recognize in age,
And in depression, raise a bitter wail.

But majors hit a fastball none can see
And rarely swing at curves the foe may throw.
The list of contrasts go on endlessly –
So, too, those on the high road, not the low.


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© Dennis Allen Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2017.

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Quill and ink

(Photo credit: Joan M. Borras via Wikipedia)


       One Wrote; One Read

There is great satisfaction when
   The last piece of the puzzle’s placed,
When the last stone is in the wall,
   When vict’ry’s won, last foe is faced. 

And so it is when poem is done,
   The last verse writ, with fitting rhyme,
With thoughts together as a whole –
   A unit marching forth in time. 

And when the poet’s done, he has
   A feeling – smile or somber heart.
He hopes the reader when he’s done
   Will share that sense in equal part.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2013.



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