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             One Way Trip

Old Spot!  It’s time to take a ride.
   You cower in the strangest place,
As if to play a game, and hide –
   But misery is in your face. 

Old Spot! Good dog!  Let’s take a ride.
   Just you and me ere others wake,
The misery from those folks hide;
   It’s more than any soul should take. 

Old faithful dog! I’ll carry you
   And I’ll be wary of your pain,
Like fragile treasure tote you to
   A place out of the acid rain.    

My old companion, now we drive
   Two troubled souls while others rest.
Short bitter journey, then arrive,
   For you, I always do my best. 

Beloved pet, we’ve reached the vet;
   This far together we have come.
My misery increases yet:
   We’ll both go to, but I’ll come from.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2013.


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