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……………..Ugly Different

It seems that some would set themselves
From crowd and mob apart –
The poets who write verse that’s free,
Picasso and his art,

The rebel who would bring worlds down
For some opposing cause,
The ones who tear while others build,
The anti-Santa Claus.

Some youth decide to push away
From family and rule
Like ships push out from harbors fair
To seas that might be cruel.

They smoke because their parents don’t;
They drink, since they were told
To stay away from alcohol.
It’s all to break the mold.

Some are like bats decked out in black;
Some slouch and let pants sag.
They tear big holes, still call them jeans –
What most would call a rag.

Their hair is pink, or maybe cut
To spike as sky-bound nails,
Or shaved to make a Mohawk’s strips,
Or long for flaunting tails.

And those think there’s an ugliness
In following the crowd,
As if in sameness there is shame,
But difference makes proud.

But ugly that is different,
Is just an ugly still.
It matters not if carved by hand,
Or mass produced by mill.

The beauties that are plentiful
Are beauties that remain.
A thousand stars and thousand nights
Don’t make the night sky plain.

But if one must be different,
A beauty that’s unique
(Not a delib’rate ugliness)
Is what a man should seek.


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© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2015.

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