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Two floods I read of; water, and of wine;
The first was Noah’s; Lot, the last was thine:
The first was the effect; the last, the cause
Of that foul sin, against the sacred laws
Of God and nature, incest; Noah found
An ark to save him, but poor Lot was drowned;
Good Noah found an ark; but Lot found none:
We’re safer in God’s hands than in our own:
The former flood of waters did extend
But some few days; this latter has no end;
They both destroyed, I know not which the worst;
The last is even as general, as the first:
The first being ceased, the world began to fill;
The last depopulates, and wastes it still:
Both floods o’erwhelmed both man and beast together;
The last is worst, if there be best of either:
The first are ceased: Heaven vowed it by a sign;
When shall we see a rainbow after wine?


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