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Sonnet 44 – Life Goes On

God gave the spark to start this spinning world;
By saying, “Let it be”, the world became.
His Son sustains it so it’s still unfurled –
Or, like old cloth, He’d roll it up and flame. 

The sun, through seasons, climbs the waiting sky
And pumps his power to the panting earth
That it should still have strength to qualify
As place for life’s allotted special berth.  

And when a man and woman wed in bliss,
Become as one in walking this world’s ways,
No spark can ever marvel more than this:
That forth would come a son, extending days.  

   As long as there is Son and sun and son,
   Life on this pleasant planet is not done.  


My fourth grandchild and second grandson, Jackson, was born on Jan.30, 2014. This poem existed in germ, as the last two lines, prior to that day.  But the rest was written on the day of his birth, and is dedicated to Jackson, and his parents. 


First stanza – Jesus sustains the world (Heb.1:2,3,10-12)


photo by vivekchugh at http://www.rgbstock.com/photo/mf0taNQ/Bonding


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