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….Sonnet 55 – Malaysia Airlines Flight 17


The men who shot down hundreds from the sky –

Man, woman, child, a babe – an innocent!,

Not enemies, but strangers flying by,

Have goodness gone and moral compass bent.


For man’s sake, they turned man into a quail,

And shot the covey, slaughtering the whole.

Now none care for the first but hope they’ll fail

With cause now dirtied, hardened, black as coal.


To them, their cause would justify their crime.

So says their circle, circled, circular.

Outside, their stock has fallen to a dime,

And they are just the common murderer.


With killer Cain of old, they have a part:

There is a rot and evil in their heart.




© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2014



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