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       Let’s Act Like Men

Can we have some common sense,
   Instead of the extreme?
I’d fight to save an elephant,
   But darter in a stream? 

A minnow or a little fish
   That no one ever knew –
Beside a massive elephant
   In Africa or zoo? 

There’s really no comparison;
   Why was there such a stew?
It held up helpful Tellico
   And all the good it’d do. 

Who’s first, we humans or a fish?
   (A fish that’s still obscure).
We have fish reg’lar on our plates –
   No kinsmen, I assure. 

Endangered species come and go
   Survival of the fit;
Why act as if it ne’er occurs,
   And pull such awful phit?  

It’s not your brother or your aunt;
   A fish is just a fish.
The world won’t come to Tennessee
   To see a darter splish. 

So next time darters dam a dam
    Let’s have some common sense:
The ones who make the awful stink
   Should act in their defense 

By shouldering the burden, cost,
   Instead of common man,
Pack up the darters to your homes
   And save in tank or can.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2013.

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