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Shed tears for Boston and the troubled tea,
That toast in harbor’s glass to tyranny.
The glass, when raised, was flung into the face
Of one enthroned across an ocean’s space. 

Shed tears for Boston and the colonies
Who felt the anaconda’ deadly squeeze,
The air of life pressed from their breasts and backs
By an oppressive rule and heavy tax. 

Shed tears for Boston who’s been newly led
By liberals by whom their blood was bled –
A brainless Barney Frank’s economy
And “want more government” Ted Kennedy.

Shed tears for Boston now, that once was free,
But slid back to a royal tyranny.


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2019.




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…………..The Two Georges

The royal George was England’s tyrant king,
A sea dividing him from his command.
But rebel George reigned there and closed the ring.

Into the Boston Harbor, men did fling
The tainted tea taxed by the threat’ning hand
Of royal George, then England’s tyrant king.

A rag-tag army rose from edict’s sting.
And who would lead that ragged little band
But rebel George who later closed the ring.

Against that mob, the empire would then fling
A regimented force and navy grand
From royal George, then England’s tyrant king.

Upon Cornwallis, fatal trap did spring.
The sea was lost, and to his strip of land
Came rebel George who round him closed the ring.

One squeezed a colony, but could not cling.
One was the father of his fatherland.
The royal George was England’s tyrant king.
But rebel George reigned when he closed the ring.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2015.

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