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(This poem is in my book, available at Amazon.)

A merchant, wise, spreads out his wares
   So passing buyers see;
Attracted to the beauty, they
   Inspect admiringly.

The one who’s selling precious stones
   Found deep inside a mine,
Will lay their sparkles up against
   A background, so their shine

And color contrast with the cloth
   That he on table lays,
Thus framing them and drawing forth
     The greatest gushing praise.

And so it is with those rare jew’ls
   On which mankind has gazed
Through all the ages we’ve sojourned –
   And still we are amazed.

The poets pen; the songsters sing;
   The lovers’ hearts are warmed;
The dreamer ponders mysteries,
   And all are daily charmed.

Those shining gems against the black,
   God placed precisely, right.
Like diamonds, He spread stars against
   The velvet of the night.


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(Please read the note that follows the poem.)


The new day sparkles on the sea,
     A diamond in disguise.  
New clouds move landward in the breeze;
     Each wave sings lullabies.

The sand is fresh, bathed by the waves
     That make deposits, new –    
The shells they shove upon the shore,
     Like treasures for the few

Who, waking early, eagerly
     Anticipate the strand;
Who know the doubloons of the day
     Lie gleaming in the sand.


I’ve used the thoughts of this poem for the cover of
my new book, available at Amazon.  It contains 80
of my very best poems, only a handful of which I’ve
published here.  If you’ve liked the best of my poems
here, you’ll love these.


© Dennis Allen Lange, 2019.


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