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            The Latter Date

A mourner walks among the stones
    That mark where loved ones lie –
At least their bodies – empty shells
    They no more occupy. 

He makes occas’nal pilgrimage
   To this quiet meeting place,
Where only wind dares make a sound,
   As leaves blow o’er its face. 

He stands; he stares; he stoops beside
   The plot, and there he lays
Small token of lamenting love,
   Heart-broken death bouquets. 

He gazes on the lettering,
    Life written as a dash,
And rues the latter date he sees;
    Upon his heart a gash. 

His hands reach down to touch the stone,
    Words that are written there;
His fingers softly trace the name,
   As if a cheek that’s fair. 

He stands at last, surveys the scene;
   Looks down once more and sighs;
He toes the dirt; kicks, wistful, twice –
   There’s nothing but goodbyes, 

What draws him here where nothing dwells
   What links him to this place?
The dash is in his memory
    And in the grave – the trace.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2013.


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