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trees for mannequin     

The winter trees are bleak and bare,
   Stripped by the fingers cold
That came along and left them nude,
   Like shorn sheep in a fold. 

In nature’s wide department store,
   In windows on display,
They stand as naked mannequins
   In their undressed array. 

But world will wake one day to see
   A sight astonishing –
The shiv’ring trees with leaves once more,
   Dressed wondrously by Spring.


I wrote this while eating lunch in a cafe recently.  My
mind, for some reason, could not come up with the word
“mannequin”.  I asked Crystal, my waitress, and she
gave it to me immediately and I was able to finish the
the poem before I left.  I decided later to name it with
the word I couldn’t remember.  Thanks, Crystal!


The photo is mine, of trees along the Guadalupe River in Texas.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2014.

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