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Them ez wants, must choose.
Them ez hez, must lose.
Them ez knows, won’t blab.
Them ez guesses, will gab.
Them ez borrows, sorrows.
Them ez lends, spends.
Them ez gives, lives.
Them ez keeps dark, is deep.
Them ez kin earn, kin keep.
Them ez aims, hits.
Them ez hez, gits.
Them ez waits, win.
Them ez will, kin.


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English: Spillway at Drift Dam. A view looking...

     Sonnet 13 – Heart’s Spillway

Each reservoir has its capacity,
So that, when reached, it can no longer hold,
And must o’erflow, unload accordingly
The new excess, though it be precious gold.

Steady rains, spread o’er time, will fill a lake;
Persistency, consistency succeeds.
Then, soon or late the body cannot take,
And in a spill or burst, the basin bleeds.

Betimes, a sudden flood will overwhelm
A placid lake whose waters were at rest.
Its dam, thus stressed, can’t, in intended realm,
Hold back the flow upon its swollen breast.

   Heart, too, has storms and flooding rains it fears;
   For, when emotion-filled, o’erflows with tears.


photo by Phil Williams via Wikipedia


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2012.



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