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That glorious day when the clouds start to drain
O’er desperate land that is begging for rain
Brings a thrill for parched hearts when it comes,
when it comes,
When it falls on the leaves, and the roofs, and it drums.

A crash of cloud cymbals, a bright flash of light;
The dark of the storm turns the day into night;
And the song of the rain as it falls,
and it falls
Fills the crestfallen hearts as it thrills and enthralls.

The roads become rivers that gurgle along
And join with the rain in the singing the song.
And the sweet melody that they play
and they play
Is the number one tune by request for the day.

The torrents that fall and the torrents that flow
Bring smiles to the faces now starting to glow;
And the chant they repeat: “Let it rain!
Let it rain!”
Are the words to the song, its imploring refrain.

Drought-breakers are systems that linger for days,
A guest that is welcome till it overstays
But the call for the clouds, “Time to go.
Time to go”,
Is a call that comes never, or ever so slow.

But Noah and his flood will ne’er come again,
And storms of our era move on with their rain.
In the blue that is left, the sun shines
and it shines;
Shines like smiles on the faces, the glow in men’s minds.

Behind is the earth, and it’s lavish and lush
The rivers are swollen; lakes ravished and flush.
And the song has turned green – the land hums
And it hums.
It’s a song of elation for death – drought succumbs.


The photo is mine – rain in the valley below my hill.


© Dennis Allen Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2017.

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The moon and the sun are providing
This minute a sky that’s exciting.
I’d like to say “howdy”,
But here it’s too cloudy.
So I’m at my desk these lines writing.

I wish, since I can’t see the wonder,
Because the thick clouds will not sunder,
That it would just rain –
Pitter patter my pane.
I’d like to see lightning; hear thunder.

I’ll guess I’ll just wait till the next one.
In two ought three three, there’ll be more fun.
Egads! I’ll be old!
I shouldn’t have told.
Eclipsed super moon brought admission.


I did get to see the eclipse. After I had
written the second stanza, I checked the
sky again and the clouds had parted and
there was the red moon in the heavens.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2015.

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