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……………The Nap

A touring bus takes many stops,
And all is tightly planned –
A ballet dance with leaps and hops
In tune with time’s quick sand.

Among the first heard from the guide
Are words that set the stage
About the dance that is the ride,
“Stay on the same time page.”

“If minutes for a photo op
Are only scheduled ten,
Then there’s no time to stop and shop;
We must be off again.”

“The same is true if hours are two;
You might be left behind
(If you’re a snail distractions woo),
Lest we be in a bind.”

It’s even worse when there’s no bus.
Guide naps; time does not keep.
Oh, well, we fail, yes each of us –
‘Tis God who does not sleep.


On a tour I took in 2014, the bus driver
gave us the usual warnings about being
on time.  In the afternoon, he took off
in the bus and took a nap and was late
picking us up!


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2015.


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