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I sailed out from the bay, and suddenly
I left the comfort that surrounded me,
A blanket warm, and with familiar scent
That softly hugged me close where’er I went. 

Gone were the harbor lights that guided me
Like stars do mariners upon the sea,
Except in that dark zone where hov’ring storm
Rakes them with wind and waves to wreak them harm. 

In such a darkness, I was rudely cast;
My peaceful passage thrust into the past.
So dark it was that memories of light
Were pale and dim, and like a sliver – slight. 

But I could not return, so faded glow
Was of no present use except to know
That once existed light and precious day,
And thus provide a spark on my dark way. 

But worse, far worse than melted memories
Was all the endless ink of sullen seas
That lay ahead without a flicker of relief
And hope and peace and joy stole like a thief. 

Now what’s a man to do in such a strait?
Sail the dark zone and in the sailing, wait –
Wait for the flicker that one day may flare,
That other men have found while sailing there.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2015.




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