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…………………The Woman Who Talked Too Fast

She’d come up talking quickly and she’d never ever stop like a
rushing whirlwind keeps on spinning like a dusty whirling top and one sentence never ended with a breath or with a pause and all the topics joined with a swiftly uttered clause like one who’s dipping from the beans and slopping from the peas and dishes out the corn just as quickly as you please and moving down the line like a train that’s rushing home, like Visigoths a’ rushing just to get their hands on Rome and while you’re listening nicely, worn to a frazzle just to hear, it seems she never tires nor comes up for some air, and her voice is neither rising nor is falling like the tide, but carries on a monotone, like the calmest carney ride, that doesn’t thrill a soul except the tiny little tots who don’t know any better, that the thrill is in the spots where the coaster waggles one way and swiftly waggles back or it goes so high and then so down it’s nearly coming off the track until you fear for life and your heart is in your throat and you’ve lost all of your senses along with your hat and coat and even though you waited in a long line for the ride, you were praying, somehow, soon that the fearful feelings would subside –

……And so it was with her, with the one who talked too fast,
……She came down to a moment that, sadly, was her last;
……In her abusive home one day, she broke all that could break,
……Then put a bullet in her head; ending all she’d had to take –



© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2011.

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