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The child of two is eager to explore:
A truck, a train, a plane brings sheer delight.
And oft there is the cry, “Again!” and “More!”,
A plea for encore, eyes both big and bright.

A shuttle lifting off’s a grand event,
But all he needs – a bird that’s flying by.
For men, a ballerina’s heaven-sent;
For him enough’s a dancing butterfly.

To him, the world’s a bright unfolding bloom
More glorious in beauty day by day,
A bride in all her splendor for the groom
Who loves her mincing steps along the way.

Though little ones are sponges filling fast,
The human brain can always hold some more.
The surface things are first; the depths are last.
The child in me is eager to explore.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2016.

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When trouble tills our garden with a woe
And rakes to rubbled ruin this earthly life,
It gives us no escape, no place to go,
And never asks permission for the strife.

The hand we’re dealt is never shuffled o’er;
The cards, when black, are still our cards to play.
They fall upon us till the light’s no more,
And in our blackened days we have no say.

Like Job, we’re urged to curse our God and die
For that which came our way without our will.
But greater than the greatest blight or cry,
There is a more important choice still –

Not in the bearing that which we endure,
But if we bear for God, remaining pure.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2011.

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