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The Murdercrats (abortion) say:

The Donald’s a racist and halfwit.
We’ll squash him! Remove him! That foul zit!
But we are a voice
For women – pro-choice.
For we don’t mind murder e’en one bit.

His mouth has more lies than it has spit;
Besides, what we’re for, he’s against it.
While he stands for life,
We’ll give them the knife
For we don’t mind murder e’en one bit.

From outrage that’s moral, our big fit
Is thrown at the worst and Trump is it!,
   While firmly we’ve stood
With Planned Murderhood
For we don’t mind murder e’en one bit.

We’re Murdercrats and we’re proud of it.
The fires of Moloch we will keep lit.
Pro-murder is nice
And we’ll sacrifice
For we don’t mind murder e’en one bit.


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© Dennis Allen Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2018.



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You carry Sodom’s purse; you hold Gomorrah’s hand.
You say your prayers to God and court the idols of the land.
You’re double-minded like old evil Israel
And God destroyed the wicked with a Babylonian hell.
You are for women’s rights, but murder’s always wrong.
Abortion takes a human’s life; the weak killed by the strong.
Your demon lies are legion but your hardened hearts are seared;
No change, you double-down the daily slant you’ve engineered.
Our national debt is such that we can never pay –
Your spending and your promises have ruined us in that way.
You train as slaves the poor in barrio and slum
To lean and laze on government, addicted, always dumb.
Your tips are served with fear, your hands upon their throat.
Then, harlots in their misery, they spread their legs and vote,
While you, the pimp, moan o’er their pain as if you care,
When all you want is scepter, throne, and jeweled crown to wear.
You’re blind from power’s thirst so that you cannot see
That you rule from Titanic’s decks as she sinks rapidly.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2016.

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