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A man and a woman are separated on a darkened stage, then get closer together and finally meet.  Positions ( )

(1)           (2)           (3)(3)             (2)             (1)

The light shines on the one singing and on neither during the chorus, except in the last position.  There, the light shines on the man and does not go off as the light then shines also on the woman, and on both during the chorus.

(1) M: I sit and sing a lonesome song,
My life is hard and cold.
I sometimes think I’ll never have
A special girl to hold.

(1) F: There’s nights when I can’t fall asleep,
One pillow on my bed,
The only shoulder for my grief
And bitter tears I shed.

M: But one day
F: Someday
M: Says my mind
F: Perhaps I’ll find
M: And then I’ll know,
F: I’ll surely know.
M: And holding hands
F: Through life we’ll go.
M: I’ll love her so.
F: I’ll love him so.

(2) M: I’d give a rib to have a mate;
I’d even give an arm.
This lonely life I’m leading now
Brings my heart far more harm.

(2) F: I know that I have love to give,
But none to give it to.
I ache to find a man for me
With whom to go life through.

M: But one day
F: Someday
M: Says my mind
F: Perhaps I’ll find
M: And then I’ll know,
F: I’ll surely know.
M: And holding hands
F: Through life we’ll go.
M: I’ll love her so.
F: I’ll love him so.

(3) M: I sometimes think she is so near,
That she can hear my cry,
And I could see her lovely face
If I would harder try.

(3) F: The curtain has been lifted;
My sorrow veil is gone.
The warmth and brightness flooding
Is a new loving dawn.

M: And one day
F: This day
M: Says my mind
F: I now have found
M: And I now know
F: I surely know.
M: And holding hands
F: Through life we’ll go.
M: I’ll love you so.
F: I’ll love you so.


photo by Eve Blackwood at


© Dennis Allen Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2017.


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No, no, go not to Lethe, neither twist
Wolf’s-bane, tight-rooted, for its poisonous wine;
Nor suffer thy pale forehead to be kissed
By nightshade, ruby grape of Proserpine;
Make not your rosary of yew-berries,
Nor let the beetle, nor the death-moth be
Your mournful Psyche, nor the downy owl
A partner in your sorrow’s mysteries;
For shade to shade will come too drowsily,
And drown the wakeful anguish of the soul.

But when the melancholy fit shall fall
Sudden from heaven like a sweeping cloud,
That fosters the droop-headed flowers all,
And hides the green hill in an April shroud;
Then glut thy sorrow on a morning rose,
Or on the rainbow of the salt sand-wave,
Or on the wealth of globed peonies;
Of if thy mistress some rich anger shows,
Emprison her soft hand, and let her rave,
And feed deep, deep upon her peerless eyes.

She dwells with Beauty – Beauty that must die;
And Joy, whose hand is ever at is lips
Bidding adieu; and aching Pleasure sigh,
Turning to poison while the bee-mouth sips;
Ay, in the very temple of Delight
Veiled Melancholy has her sovran shrine,
Though seen of none save him whose strenuous tongue
Can burst Joy’s grape against his palate fine;
His soul shall taste the sadness of her might,
And be among her cloudy trophies hung.

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In trees I walked at Smoky’s feet,
And calm the forest floor.
‘Twas late October and the leaves
All Autumn’s colors wore.

It rained a bit the night before,
And though the earth was damp,
My shoes did not pick up the mud
While on my silent tramp.

The fallen leaves well-paved my path;
They made a yellow way
That Dorothy’d been proud to walk
In Oz in her brief stay.

The leaf-laid carpet and that trail
‘Twas all my eyes could see,
The forest closed out all the world
And I was cloistered, free.

There was a great serenity
With Nature as I walked.
I listened as my soft steps fell,
And as the forest talked.

I passed a stream; it gurgled peace,
Caught drops of last night’s rain –
A few that fin’lly fell – but why?
(The reason not yet plain.)

I saw another mystery;
It struck me as most odd.
A leaf, then two, came floating down
As slow as turtles plod.

I saw then, out among the trees,
One here, another there.
First glance, they seemed like butterflies
With wings in disrepair.

They did not scurry, did not slant;
Their vertical was straight,
As if they were a dropping stone –
And yet they had no weight.

I took the line of their descent;
Gazed upward where the trees
All disappeared from sight by height –
And then I saw the breeze!

And then I knew why raindrops fell
When there was no more mist,
And why the leaves were shaken loose
But fell without a twist.

How isolated I felt then!
The world was not about.
And now I knew that Nature, too,
E’en Nature had shut out.

Like spiders coming down a strand,
The leaves did downward crawl.
And watching their descent I knew
Why men call Autumn, Fall.


The photo is mine and was taken in Smoky Mt. National Park.


© Dennis Lange and thebardonthehill.wordpress.com, 2016.

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I dreamed that one had died in a strange place
Near no accustomed hand;
And they had nailed the boards above her face,
The peasants of that land.
Wondering to lay her in that solitude,
And raised above her mound
A cross they had made out of two bits of wood
And planted cypress round;
And left her to the indifferent stars above
Until I carved these words:
She was more beautiful than thy first love,
But now lies under boards.

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Best of the Year (2012) – Light Verse

In January of 2012, I began collecting, in a file, links to poems I read here on WordPress that I really liked.  I did this with the intent of doing what I’m doing today – picking the best of 2012.  The “best” are simply what struck me as ones I liked (I’m strictly a rhyme and rhythm guy).  I didn’t pause to analyze them as to metaphor and simile and other elements of poetry, though many contain those elements.  I just liked them better than others I had read.

I’m simply unable to follow many more blogs than I do at present.  And because WordPress last year changed the way WordPress members view new posts, I don’t read nearly as many poems in new posts as I once did.  Non-members (or I can when I’m logged out) can see 25 or so new posts on a single page and skim quickly through the titles and pictures for something interesting to read.  When I’m logged in, I usually see about 7 before I get to my stats and the format is not nearly as convenient.  SO, if I’m not following your blog and you post a poem you’d particularly like me to read, put a link in the comments and I’ll gladly take the trip to your blog.  Maybe I’ll like it well enough to file away for picking the best of 2013!

The exerpts and links that follow are for what I’ve chosen as the best light verse of 2012.  The best of other poems will follow in a week or so.  Congratulations to all those below.



A Secret Wish by AJ Barlow

I wish I had a giant beard
That dangled from my face
So all the little things I own
Could Fin’lly have a place….



Missing You by Kathryn Sparks

The kettle on the hob is hissing

Without cease, for Kettie’s missing—

She dashed out to check the door

And hasn’t come back anymore….



The Ditching Hour by Michael W. Collins

The witching hour approacheth–twelve o’clock–
Yet sitteth I alone. No mortal shock:
My friends all liketh not my highflown speech
And ditcheth’d me, a lesson for to teach.



Not Once (The politician’s cry) by Marc Glasby

Not once have I lied, not once have I stolen
Not once have I made a mistake in my life
Not once was I bribed, not once been beholden
Not once have I cheated on my faithful wife….



My Garlicky Cologne

If I need a smell to wear,
I chop some garlic fine.
My cooking’s my cologne, you see,
as well as how I dine.



The Bird Band by Dennis N. O’Brien

One evening, walking through the scrub,

(A shortcut home from Riley’s pub)

Under the glow of a full moon

I heard a brisk and lively tune….



photo by Moi Cody at http://www.rgbstock.com/photo/mf4jFRq/Golden+Cup

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